The Death of William Morgan

“It’s 8:00 P.M. on a beautiful Wednesday night. The weather man says it’s going to be sixty-seven degrees under clear skies. And I’m Dan Rogers; and I’ll be here until nine o’clock. Tonight on the show we have Mr. Duane Johnson; attorney at law and an expert on the occult. Mr. Johnson—you’re on the air.”

“Thank you, Dan, and good evening,” Duane answered.

“Mr. Johnson,” Dan began, “could you tell our listeners about yourself? Maybe give them your testimony?”

“Well, I was born about thirty-three years ago on a farm in western Oklahoma,” Duane began. “My mother was a third-generation member of Wicca, or ‘wise-women’; the ‘white witches’ that everybody knows about. My father was a fifth-generation, 29th—degree Mason. He was called a ‘Grand Scottish Knight of St. Andrew.’

“At the age of thirteen I became a member of the De Molay; the Masonic group for boys. My grandfather, who was a Shriner by that time, died shortly after.”

“So you have quite a bit of background in the occult,” Dan said.

“Yeah,” Duane agreed. “A lot of my family are still involved in the occult. They don’t like the fact that I left. You know how that goes.”

“Yeah,” Dan agreed.

“When I was eighteen, I was initiated into the Masonic Lodge. At the age of twenty, I was passed to Fellowcraft, which is the second degree in the ‘Blue Lodge’. The Blue Lodge is the lower levels that most Masons are in.

“On my twenty-fifth birthday, I was raised to a Master Mason,” Duane continued.

“So what caused you to leave the organization?” Dan asked.

“In my eighth year of college my wife got saved after a school friend witnessed to her. On top of that, a Christian friend of mine told me that the Masons actually worship Satan.”

Duane cleared his throat. “I had invited him to join the Lodge when he told me that. I was rather surprised when I heard that, so I started to research the organization. It kind of shocked me that the ‘bible’ of Masonry, Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, says, ‘ESOTERIC BOOK, FOR SCOTTISH RITE USE ONLY; TO BE RETURNED UPON WITHDRAWL OR DEATH OF RECIPIENT.’ When I saw that, I had to ask myself: why was it such a secret?

“Well after a couple years of researching, I finally realized that Masonry did in fact worship Satan; and they admit it in their own books!

“So finally, at the age of twenty-eight, I knelt down and prayed for God to forgive me. I renounced Freemasonry and asked Jesus to save me. That was five years ago, and I never looked back. My wife, Stacy, was overjoyed when I told her I finally got saved. She had been praying for me for two years.

“Since then, my wife and I have been working to expose Masonry and bring others to a saving knowledge of Christ, so that they, like I did, will realize that Jesus is the way to Heaven, not some secret society.”

“Well thank you Duane,” Dan said. “It’s nice to hear your testimony.”

“No problem,” Duane replied.

“Duane we’ve gotten some questions from listeners after our first program on the occult, so I was wondering if you could answer them.”

“I’ll try,” Duane answered.

“This was a question from a listener in California. He says, quote, ‘Dear Mr. Rogers, you mentioned that Masons swear oaths in their rituals. Could you please explain this?’ unquote. What would you say?”

“Yeah, Masons swear oaths,” Duane answered. “Have you ever heard of William Morgan?”

“There’s another question about that same person,” Dan replied.

“He was a captain in the War if 1812, as well as a Freemason. After his book on the first three degrees was published, he was kidnapped by three Masons.

“Morgan had left the society and had published his book. Because of the duty that they had sworn to, three Masons captured and killed him.”

“How’d that happen?”

“It wasn’t until about 1840 or 1841 that the story came out. The captain was taken to some place; probably a lodge or a Mason’s home, where eight Masons ‘tried’ him. Even though he begged for mercy, for the sake of his wife and children, they were determined to kill him.

“They let him sit alone for about an hour, and then they took him to his fate, which was probably a bloody, torturous death. They threw his body in a river, I believe.”

“And where was this?”

“There’s a monument—I think it’s up in New York somewhere—that mentions what happened and everything.”

“So why’d they kill him?”

“Masons swear blood oaths of secrecy, which include being killed if you ever expose the order. Since he exposed the society, Captain William Morgan was killed. When the story was told by the Masons who did it (death-bed confessions, you know), attendance went from 30,000 to 5,000 in one day. This didn’t stop Joseph Smith, Sr. from inviting Hiram and Joseph Smith, Jr. into Masonry; but that’s a different story.”

“Isn’t Joseph Smith the guy who started the Mormon church?” Dan asked.

“Yep. That’s the same guy,” Duane answered.

“Well Duane, I want to thank you for taking time to talk to our listeners,” Dan said. “But it seems that we’ll have to have you on another time. There’s never enough time to say everything.”

“That’s fine,” Duane answered. “Let me know when you have some time, and we’ll be glad to talk some more.”

“Well thanks Duane,” Dan said. “I’ll try to get you on here again.”

“You’re welcome. Glad you called.”

“Good-bye,” Dan said. “And thank you.

“And thanks to all our listeners who are still out there. We hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s show, and we hope that your questions have been answered. This is Dan Rogers; goodnight, and may God bless you.”