“Ya’ll Could’ve had One, if Ya had a Wanted One.”

Once upon a time, there were five rescue crews near a great ocean. These five crews included the twenty-seven member Friendship Crew, the twenty-one member Plight Crew, the thirty-three member Modern Crew, the twenty-five member Busy Crew, and the fourteen member Rescue Crew. They operated as follows:

Friendship Crew believed that they had to make friends with the people on the ocean before they rescued them.

Plight Crew would receive a message for help, but then assure the boaters that God saw their plight and would see them through.

Modern Crew has all the modern technology: nice, big boats; brand-new radios, etc. But they believed that someone should come to their meetings, listen to their music, listen to their captain before they rescued you.

Busy Crew was so busy with building projects, careers, projects to improve bays, sport scores, etc. that they would only rescue you IF you fit into their schedule; IF it was convenient.

Out of all the crews on this beach, only ONE did any rescuing. They were the Rescue Crew. The other crews mocked them for their old-fashioned ways; thought that the boats commissioned by King James were too old; that the music wasn’t good enough to attract people; etc. But one stormy night…

It was late at night, about three o’clock in the morning. A storm was raging. Four of the crews had one man near the radio in case there was a message. Rescue Crew, however, had four men on call. These would alert the rest for anything that might happen.

And something did happen. Twenty miles out to sea, a ship, with 2,700 passengers and crew, was struggling for the land. It could fight the waves no longer. It started going down.

“SOS! SOS!” the ship captain called. “Mayday! Mayday! SOS! SOS!”

The desperate message reached the shore.

“Hello,” the radio man for Friendship Crew spoke before the ship’s radio died out. “Are you having a good journey?”

“God heard you,” the contact for Plight Crew said. “He will see you through.”

“Hey if you get to shore,” said the contact for Modern Crew, “why don’t you come listen to our music?”

Busy Crew’s contact could not respond at that moment, as the Stupidbowl was going right then, and he was hoping his favorite team would take the pig bladder through the cow pasture and throw it through the plumbing. Therefore, he did not send a message back.

Rescue Crew, however, received the message and rushed into action. All fourteen members were out to sea in five minutes. They arrived at the ship, just as the ship fired a flare for help.

However, when they arrived on the ship, they found something very discouraging. Nine hundred didn’t see a need to be rescued. Another seven hundred thought that they could work their way toward the shore; some even bragged about how good they could swim. Another six hundred saw that rescue was needed, but they wanted to finish their projects first. Some were even watching the Stupidbowl. Only five hundred people, including many Africans and Asians, and the ship’s captain and mechanic, agreed to be rescued. Five minutes after the last rescue boat pushed off, the large ship lurched and sank into the water. 2,200 people drowned that night in the ship. The ones who thought they could work their way toward the shore, swam a little ways and then drowned as the waves pulled them under.

The Rescue Crew arrived on shore a few hours after they had gone to the rescue, all the other crews gathered around. Some could not believe the number of people that were rescued. The captain of the Modern Crew, amazed that the King James Boats even worked, asked, “Where’d you get all these people?”

The Rescue Crew captain answered, “Twenty miles out to sea; where the ship sank. Ya’ll could’ve had one, if ya had a wanted one.”

What crew are YOU in?