Monkey Tails, Part 2

The last post I discussed the age of the earth. Today I want to finish this subject. Evolution teaches that man came from monkeys; and a “missing” link is needed to prove that. The scientists scramble to give us one. First it was Lucy; then they discovered that the pieces for Lucy were all scattered around and that she was just a three-foot chimpanzee. “Oops!” say the scientists, “scrap that one, boys.”

Another one was Nebraska Man, which was later discovered to be built from the tooth of an… Continue reading “Monkey Tails, Part 2”


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Monkey Tails,Part 1

How do you do? Today’s post is entitled Monkey Tails, Part 1. There are two world-views in the world today: the first one is that God made everything, and since He made it, we ought to find out what He wants and do it. The other says that we arrived here by chance and that man is the highest being on earth. This issue has been hotly debated, but it won’t hurt to add my three cents to the debate.

The first world-view, better known as Creation, states that about 6,000 years ago, God made everything “by the breath of his mouth” (Psalm 33:6). About sixteen hundred years later, God sent a flood that destroyed everything, except Noah, his family, and everything on the ark (Genesis 6-9). Continue reading “Monkey Tails,Part 1”

Victory Through Grace

Here are some excerpts from our book, Victory Through Grace. We hope you enjoy.

The Coliseum was packed that day with a blood-thirsty crowd. It was one of the grandest sights to most Romans. Mercuria’s family was no exception….

They now came to a place where four tunnels met. “Where do we go now?” Mercuria asked….

Four stories!” Mercuria exclaimed. “How is that possible?”…

“Is that what you are, then?” Lucas asked. “Because you seem quite friendly. And then there’s that peace that the people in the arena have; I always wanted that peace but never seemed to be able to obtain it. Can you help me?”…

The fleet kept close to the shore in order to be close to supplies and unloading docks. Lucas tried to keep track of all the fish that they handled, but eventually he gave up, for there were too many….


Twenty-one year old Travis shut the door and locked it. Checking to make sure it was latched, he turned around and headed home. The building that he just left served two purposes: the lower level was a church and the upper level was the office/headquarters for Anabaptist Publishers, a Christian publishing company that also had a weekly radio and TV show, Baptists on the Air. Every Sunday, Travis or one of the other men led the service, while another one gave the message. Since Travis lived only three blocks away, he decided to walk.

As he neared his home, however, he thought he saw something on his front porch. Arriving at the swing, he noticed a baby carrier, a diaper bag, and a note tapped to the baby carrier handle. He picked up the note and read:

This is Joanna. She is nine months old; she was born in September of last year. I can no longer take care of her. Please excuse the inconvenience. I have included $100 for her care.

Sincerely, Joanna’s mother

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“Are You on Death Row?”

Twenty-eight year old Robert Howard paced from one side of the cell to another. He looked at his watch. “Five more hours,” he muttered.

He looked up in time to see a guard walking by. “Hey you,” Robert spoke.

The guard stopped. Turning to Robert, he asked, “Yes?”

“Got a preacher you can bring here?” Robert asked.

“Sure,” the guard replied.

Robert sat down on the cot and waited. Finally the minister arrived.

“You send for a preacher?” the preacher, Bruce Andrews, asked.

“I didn’t send for anybody,” Robert replied.

“The warden said you asked for a preacher,” Bruce answered.

“Well the warden’s wrong,” Robert said sourly. “Maybe it was my forty-four year old mother.”

“Well you can tell your mother that her request has been heard,” Bruce said.

“And how am I supposed to tell my mother? I’m less than five hours away from a lethal injection—”

“Did you send for a preacher?” Bruce asked, when Robert didn’t say anything for a few moments.

“Yeah,” Robert admitted.

“Is there something you want to talk about?”

Robert shook his head.

“Then why did you asked for a preacher?”

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