Victory Through Grace

Here are some excerpts from our book, Victory Through Grace. We hope you enjoy.

The Coliseum was packed that day with a blood-thirsty crowd. It was one of the grandest sights to most Romans. Mercuria’s family was no exception….

They now came to a place where four tunnels met. “Where do we go now?” Mercuria asked….

Four stories!” Mercuria exclaimed. “How is that possible?”…

“Is that what you are, then?” Lucas asked. “Because you seem quite friendly. And then there’s that peace that the people in the arena have; I always wanted that peace but never seemed to be able to obtain it. Can you help me?”…

The fleet kept close to the shore in order to be close to supplies and unloading docks. Lucas tried to keep track of all the fish that they handled, but eventually he gave up, for there were too many….