My name is Henry Johnson,

I’m thirty-four years old,

My mother was a Richardson,

That story has been told.

I was born to John and Mary,

That’s my parents, now, you see–

My grandpa’s name was Terry,

And he married a Stacy.

I married Sarah years ago,

At the age of twenty-four,

She didn’t like to cook or sew,

But painted our front door.

We were brought to Christ our Saviour,

About seven years ago,

We were saved at once together,

I figured you should know.

But one question that did bug me,

As we lived our Christian life,

Was the question of assurance

During all the pain and strife.

Then one day I found a chapter,

In a book I did then read,

That discussed assurance plainly,

“My dear readers, do take heed!”

This book went on to say that day,

Through many pages fair,

“You can lose your free salvation,

“It says it straight in there.”

By “there” he meant the Bible,

God’s ONLY Holy Word,

And everything is settled,

By list’ning to the Lord.

So I started on a journey,

Through the Book of God on High,

And I read through all the pages,

With my very own blue eye.

I found that mister Paul had said,

In Romans chapter seven

That he did things he didn’t want to do,

And his head was on even!

I saw that God had put in there,

(In Romans chapter seven,)

That there was a law inside us all,

To not do good, but evil.

I also saw while reading then,

Ephesians chapter four,

That we are sealed until he comes,

We’ll see His face once more!

I also saw in God’s own book,

In Titus one verse two,

That God had promised, this is true,

Eternal life for you.

I found such reading interesting,

To read such words of hope,

That though we sin, we are forgiven;

Washed clean by God’s own Soap.

And so I took another look,

At God’s own Holy Book,

And found in there another verse,

That only made it worse.

It seemed this in here did say,

(In Galatians chapter five,)

That we could fall from grace today,

So I took another dive.

I read Philippians chapter one,

And I saw there in the text,

That Paul did think, back in those days,

God would keep this life ’till next.

What finally settled me that day,

When I did search this out,

That though we sin, we’ll be forgiven,

And we may this answer shout.

I found in there, when I was saved,

It was done, and that was it,

Now I’m on my way to Heaven where

Our God on high doth sit.

I saw that Jude concluded with-

It ran so clear and true-

That God would keep us all the way,

And our fellow Christians, too!

So since that day I’ve come to say,

That we are saved forever,

And though we shouldn’t sin away,

God will forsake us never.

So now, dear readers, I close with this,

And I hope you’ve seen this too,

That we are saved, once and for all,

And will never be taboo!

For God on High hath promised us,

If we are truly saved,

That He will keep us to the end,

As we have been reclaimed.