?When is He Coming?

“Martha, please set the table,” Mother Miller instructed. “Mary, will you please help her?”

The Yoders were coming for a noon meal, and they were destined to arrive at anytime. The Millers were working to finish the meal preparations before their guests arrived.

Near noon, the Yoders arrived at the Miller’s house. Final preparations were finished, and the families sat down to eat.

“You know,” Mark Yoder began after several minutes of silence. “I’ve been thinking…”

“Attention: This is your captain. Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for an emergency landing,” Mark’s oldest boy, Paul, broke in.

Everyone laughed. Mark drove a flight-for-life helicopter, and Paul had picked up his fervor for aircraft.

“Now seriously,” Mark said, “I was thinking about Jesus’ return to this earth.”

“What about it?” John Miller asked.

“About the timing,” Mark answered.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, after reading that paper that just came out, about two weeks ago?”

“Oh, you mean The Anabaptist Review?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“Oh, you mean the article about Amillennialism?”

“Yeah. It seems that that kind of defines what we believe.”

“Yeah, that’s a good question,” John said. “So what were you looking for?”

“I was wondering if we interpreted things wrong,” Mark answered. “If nobody else thought anything of that paper, I wouldn’t get it; but since the ministers trust it, I guess it’s okay.”

John nodded his head. “Yeah that’s a good question,” he said. “I guess we’ll have to think about this one.”

They didn’t have to think about it long, as the very next Sunday the minister said that, as we do not know when Jesus is coming, He has to be coming before the Tribulation.

The minister also explained that, as there had been worse times after Nero, and since there was not the ability to control the entire world with a mark in the early centuries, it follows that the rest of “Jacob’s Trouble” has yet to happen.

“Well Mark,” John asked that afternoon, “does that answer your question?”

“I have to say it does,” Mark replied.

“And what I say unto you, I say unto all: Watch.” (Mark 13:37).

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