A Small Moment

      Today in the Church there is a theory, a thesis, a belief, that Israel fell from God’s favour in 70 AD and has been replaced by the Church. The ones who subscribe to this system believe that God has cast Israel out and now the Church has taken the mantel, consequentially giving the Church the responsibility to build the kingdom of God on earth. Interestingly enough, those who believe that the Church is now Israel, Replacement Theology as it’s called, usually believe in a Post-Tribulational Rapture or subscribe to the Amillennialist view of the end times.

     While I could spend an entire week on this topic talking about “everlasting” and “eternal” promises made to Israel by God, or all day on Romans 11, I want to bring forward a verse that I came across the other day while reading.

      The verse in question is Isaiah 54:7: “For a small moment have I forsaken thee; but with great mercies will I gather thee.”   God has been speaking to Israel this entire chapter, and suddenly tells them this.

     Now while this may seem a bit of a straw man argument, considering this verse is in the middle of telling Israel how God will punish them for leaving Him, it seems to carry some significance. “a small moment”, God says. Let’s not forget that time is slightly irrelevant to God, which means that “a small moment” could be a few years or a couple thousand.

      The best thing is, if we couple this verse with Paul’s statement “blindness in part has happened to Israel”, things begin to make sense. Much like a seasonal item, God has put Israel “in backstock” until the Church’s “season” is finished. That season is ending soon, my friend, so let’s prepare ourselves before the season finale.

     Here’s an odd thought: Everyone who believes in Replacement Theology always takes the blessings and never the curses. Odd.


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