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These are actually two versions of the same song. Sometimes you can actually find both of these in the same hymn book, depending on the hymnal. Usually, however, verses from both versions end up in one main song, so check your hymnbook and see which one it is! Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite hymn. 

A Recommendation

So I was looking for something to post and came across a YouTube channel I personally enjoy. While I can’t exactly say everything they post is good, I do enjoy much of their work. If you’re looking for music to go to sleep with, or just looking for music to enjoy, I do recommend this channel. 

What About God?

                One of the more common issues facing people today is whether or not God exists. And I don’t mean some “higher power”, some “cosmic deity”, some “all-powerful force”, I mean the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Yeah, THAT God; the one that will judge you; that tells you what to do. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a firm believer in the God of the Bible, and here’s why.

                Now yes, I know this subject has been debated back and forth with no ground gained. And I’m not going to try and prove that God exists, nor will I ask you to prove that He doesn’t. Why? Because, frankly, you can’t. I’m not saying that there is or isn’t proof, but you can’t definitively prove either way. Much like we cannot explain what emotions such as Love, Hate, or Peace are, or explain what Gravity is, we cannot prove that God exists. Not without a little faith.

                Yes, I said faith. Blind faith? No. But faith. Faith is something we all have, really. Faith in our checks to pay the bills. Faith in bridges and roads to hold when we drive over (or under) them. Faith that our jobs will continue to provide what we need to live. And while I realize “everyone” is a lousy reason, it is a fact of life.

                So, now that that’s out of the way, why do I believe in God? Well there’s several reasons, really. One of the simpler reasons is, well, why not? Without God, the universe itself lacks an explanation to exist. “But evolution—” don’t; don’t even start. There are SO many flaws with evolution it isn’t even funny. “Figment of imagination”—okay that’s just weird. And dumb. So yeah, I’ll take the option “made by God” for that.

                Furthermore, what harm is there in believing in God? A few rules? A sense of morality? “Everyone has a sense of right and wrong, that has nothing to do with God”. Really? ‘Cause frankly, I know what happens when there’s no rules in place: I grew up on a farm. Without God’s sense of morality, man suddenly begins acting like animals. Rape, murder, incest, cruelty, theft—all these stem from man’s dark nature, and without God’s direction, man will become literally an animal. And you know, to be honest, while I may be a bit of a rebel at times, everyone, including myself, has a certain sense of longing for direction. Without rules you have anarchy, which isn’t fun for anyone.

                Additionally, believing in God gives one a sense of direction and purpose. Why are we here? God put us here for His purpose. What are we doing here? God has plans for us all; we just have to figure it out (another topic for another time). Where are we going when we die?

                Ah yes, the ultimate question man has tried to answer: our own mortality. Where are we going when we die? Without God and His plan of salvation, man is merely left in the ground, to rot away into dust. Life suddenly seems meaningless when we put it like that, doesn’t it? I know some like to argue that life in itself has fulfillment, but, without the possibility of something other than “six feet under”, life becomes boring, useless, a waste of existence. But when we put God in the picture, we discover a whole new purpose to life.

                Now I could go into scientific and historic reasons for belief in God, but that has already been done. So perhaps you’ll take these few words and consider what I’ve said. And hopefully this will answer some questions any of my readers may have. And hey, if I’m wrong and there is no God, at least I don’t got nothing to lose.

                Oh, and one more thing: They tell the story of a king who asked his counselor to prove God’s existence in one word. The counselor simply replied, “Israel”.   

Thanks, I Think

(Hey just a heads up, we won’t be posting anything this Wednesday for Thanksgiving. We will be back our regular schedule next Sunday. Thanks, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.)oThanksgiving. It comes once a year, every fourth Thursday in November. It’s a day we gather with friends and family to…what do we do, anymore?
Thanksgiving used to be a time to gather together and enjoy the year-end harvest and thank God for the year. But then what? While some people still celebrate that way, most have forgotten the true meaning of Thanksgiving. 
And no, I’m not going to give an historical background on the holiday, because, frankly, we all should know it. Granted the “harvest festival” part of it is a little off from the actual harvest season, but most of us know the story. 
Any more these days, Thanksgiving is an excuse to get drunk, eat WAY too much, and then try to roll into the store to buy “that thing I’ve always wanted, but it was too expensive” on Friday. 
So, what is my point, exactly? Well, simply put, while there’s nothing wrong with setting aside one day to gather friends and family and be thankful for what the year has brought, let’s be sure to remember to give credit to whom credit is due. And frankly, let’s not forget to be thankful EVERY day for what we’ve been given: life, love, food, etc. Even if we don’t enjoy every aspect of our lives, we can find something to be thankful for. 

Thanks for listening to me rant, and we’ll see you next week. 
Oh, and try not to make yourself sick on Thursday, eh mate?