Monkey Tails, Part 2

The last post I discussed the age of the earth. Today I want to finish this subject. Evolution teaches that man came from monkeys; and a “missing” link is needed to prove that. The scientists scramble to give us one. First it was Lucy; then they discovered that the pieces for Lucy were all scattered around and that she was just a three-foot chimpanzee. “Oops!” say the scientists, “scrap that one, boys.”

Another one was Nebraska Man, which was later discovered to be built from the tooth of an… Continue reading “Monkey Tails, Part 2”

Monkey Tails,Part 1

How do you do? Today’s post is entitled Monkey Tails, Part 1. There are two world-views in the world today: the first one is that God made everything, and since He made it, we ought to find out what He wants and do it. The other says that we arrived here by chance and that man is the highest being on earth. This issue has been hotly debated, but it won’t hurt to add my three cents to the debate.

The first world-view, better known as Creation, states that about 6,000 years ago, God made everything “by the breath of his mouth” (Psalm 33:6). About sixteen hundred years later, God sent a flood that destroyed everything, except Noah, his family, and everything on the ark (Genesis 6-9). Continue reading “Monkey Tails,Part 1”