The Death of William Morgan

“It’s 8:00 P.M. on a beautiful Wednesday night. The weather man says it’s going to be sixty-seven degrees under clear skies. And I’m Dan Rogers; and I’ll be here until nine o’clock. Tonight on the show we have Mr. Duane Johnson; attorney at law and an expert on the occult. Mr. Johnson—you’re on the air.”

“Thank you, Dan, and good evening,” Duane answered.

“Mr. Johnson,” Dan began, “could you tell our listeners about yourself? Maybe give them your testimony?”

“Well, I was born about thirty-three years ago on a farm in western Oklahoma,” Duane began. “My mother was a third-generation member of Wicca, or ‘wise-women’; the ‘white witches’ that everybody knows about. My father was a fifth-generation, 29th—degree Mason. He was called a ‘Grand Scottish Knight of St. Andrew.’

“At the age of thirteen I became a member of the De Molay; the Masonic group for boys. My grandfather, who was a Shriner by that time, died shortly after.”

“So you have quite a bit of background in the occult,” Dan said. Continue reading “The Death of William Morgan”